Thursday, 6 December 2007


Ben Chasny’s latest release, ‘Shelter From The Ash’ is one which he has, reputedly, always wanted to create। It features well-picked folk and some surprisingly restrained noise for balance, and in doing so produces, arguably, his most focussed album to date. Opening track “Alone With The Alone” appears to have simply followed on from ‘The Sun Awakens’ with Tim Green of the The Fucking Champs squeezing in extra guitar chords in the gaps between Chasny’s madly plucking fingers, – the drone in the background serving as the sonic glue, holding the song together.

If you haven’t yet stumbled across this awe-inspiring band then start taking notes. Six Organs will rock your world. There is no question about this, no room for discussion. Live, Chasny (former member of Comets On Fire and Badgerlore) and, well who ever he can persuade to perform with him will conjure up a wall of sound before your very eyes. Layer upon layer of noise, reverb and intricate melodies build before your eyes, threatening to engulf you in their midst and then, at the last minute, ebb slowly away.

‘Shelter From The Ash’ is no exception to this. It is an album packed with slow-burning, horizon-seeking journey’s from the freeform improvisation of ‘Coming To Get You’, to the mellow acoustic strains of ‘Strangled Road’ featuring Elisa Ambrogio’s (The Magik Marker’s) honey-soaked vocals; a fluid combination of electric and acoustic signature Six Organs of Admittance styles.

Minimalist, dreamlike passages of sound sit next to squealing guitars, seemingly plucked straight out of a Western whilst subjects from love to the end of the world are covered in a gruff, straight talking masculine manner, accompanied by distant howls and blurry harmonies. Clearly a lot of love and effort has been put into this album, and it is this that is more endearing than anything else.

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