Sunday, 16 March 2008

Adam Green- Sixes And Sevens

Former Moldy Peaches member, Adam Green is renowned for the patchiness of his work and subjecting yourself to his latest album, ‘Sixes And Seven’s’ in one listen is no easy task. Lacking a unifying theme or style, the only constant is the baritone crooner act that Green has been developing since parting ways with Kimya Dawson.

Green leaps from style to style, as lead single ‘Morning After Midnight’ pays homage to Al Green before ‘Getting Led’ breaks out a dash of Leonard Cohen doing straight-up gospel.

The raucous, ‘Morning After Midnight’ is a brass-tinged stomper with female backing choir flows perfectly onto the utterly charming ‘Twee Twee Dee’ where Green’s crooner like vocals come out in full force.

Typically Green continues his show of wit and humour lyrically, "Hepatitis caught me off my guard" he sings on Broadcast Beach, another two and a half minute jingle that simply bobs along bringing nothing to the record as a whole.

However, don’t be entirely put off. Although ‘Sixes And Sevens’ might be a drawn-out mess, break it down into bite sized chunks and you suddenly have rich pickings for the perfect mix-tape. lovely stuff!

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