Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Anthony Reynolds- British Ballads

The world at large is increasingly unimportant to Anthony Reynolds. Or at least, that’s what he claims. Who cares about Big Brother or The Office when you can name-drop authors into song lyrics and get drunk in the pub. Its experiences like that which make live worth living and albums worth recording. Right?

Well apparently so.

So Reynolds sings about going to the pub and the peculiar quality of pub lighting- two typically British experiences (obviously) and Vashti Bunyan and Dot Allison are persuaded to join in and add honeyed vocals to a couple of tracks. After all, what sits better with brooding piano solos and deep expressive vocals than pretty women, breathy harmonies and a veneer of almost trendiness.

Although a whole new plateau of self-indulgence is achieved through this way on Reynolds debut album, the record does have some lovely moments. Opening track ‘I Know You Know’ is a smooth and soulful song featuring Reynolds deep, rich voice purring over soaring violins and Dot Allison singing like she was born for no other reason. It is all downhill, and the euphoria experienced in ‘Leaving Song’ is more to do with it being the last track than the easy listening rock song it claims to be.

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