Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Micheal Dracula

Welcome to the electrifying world of Michael Dracula where sinister, one-fingered horror-show keyboards worm their way into your head to sit alongside a deep rumbling bass and dancing beat. Stiff-fingered piano riffs and minimalist drums; this is music that kicks out, doubles back and repeats itself once more.

The Glasgow based four piece are signed to the legendary ZE Records, the label that captured the no wave and punk-funk scene of 1970s in New York but it’s hard to see why. Old, yet new, punk, but then quite the opposite, Michael Dracula defies classifications appealing instead to a primal yearning for rockabilly guitar riffs.

A tinny echo of an old-fashioned saloon piano marches hand in hand with rough sounding production, adding to the debut album -In The Red- scruffy charm. The iridescent title track slouches through blues rock, whilst ‘Two Wrongs’ ventures further a field, into spooky, atmospheric textures and all the while Emily MacLaren’s voice, sexy and breathy sores above the dirty rock grooves luring you into a sense of security before grabbing you by the throat leaving you unable to breathe in its heady feminine haze.

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